Tuesday, September 02, 2003


On Official PBG Business

Here I hope to list people or tasks that qualify as being OOPBGB
  • MissFlibberty - kia kaha (Stay Strong in Maori) from New Zealand
  • Hunter - on a quest to slay the red dragon of fear
  • Ms. Grooms - English teacher who inspired Nicki P to be a writer.
  • Steve Conley - Marathon runner(?) and Cartoonist raising money for "medical care and other vital services for people with HIV/AIDS in the DC area".

People of the PBGs

Here is a list of people I have met that are definitely People of the PBGs.
  • Shirley - aka "the Slipper Lady" of the Lee Ridge Laundromat
  • The nice couple who collect bottles on their walk and give the proceeds "to the kids when they ask for some" (whatever that means)
  • Hunter - Grade 1 boy who struggles with his (ordinary) fears. I usually encounter him on his front porch
  • Janet Carter - Elementary Teacher's Aid and Bus Friend.
  • Divya - Shy "Bus Song" singer and pint size Bus Friend.

Other posts I have made that refer to this page

People who have visited the PBGs and dropped me a note about it