Sunday, November 10, 2002

Have Oil, Will Travel

5.5 Km, 24:00.0, Partly cloudy -10°C, wind chill -18°C

The minister's sermon today seems to cover a lot of what I've been writing about in this journal lately. It was from Matthew 13:?? about 10 brides-maids and how they needed to have the oil supply in their lamps topped up and the wicks trimmed. Prepare yourself for the coming of Jesus.

In PBG terms: prepare yourself, for opportunities to be a part of the Plan will not wait for you!

It's funny, I was just thinking on my run that I need to do some research. The PBGs wouldn't provide inspiration; the minister was interested but not forthcoming; the intern minister was swamped (80 e-mails over the past two weeks). Then out of the blue, a new lady talked to me about church demographics and my new boys group. She directed me to Noah's Arc and Paul's letters. I'm skeptical, but I'll take a peek.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Supposition b)

How things Seem and how they Are often differ. Which is more important depends on the observer.

It's been a while since I got out to run. My shins are a bit sore. I've been feeling a bit abandoned by the PBGs so I thought I'd risk the streets to plan my first Boys' Night Out session. The PBGs left me alone to plan. "It is your group, after all," they teased. What great Guys. What value would it have for me if they took care of all the details?

Details of tonight are firming up nicely. I just hope I can remember all "my" ideas.

I am going to call the sour lady at the bus stop "4 of spades" lady. I waved to her on the bus this morning. I know it is OOPBGB, but the details are still fuzzy (hint on Suggestion #6, don't push the plan...)