Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Short and the Long

Well, it is official now. I am an Ex-runner. I have been having foot pain in both my feet for the last 2 months. I tried to ignore it and even pressed my luck by running a half ultra marathon (50 km).

Now my feet hurt from standing too long.

So I went to a podiatrist on the recomendation of a good friend of mine and had my feet checked out. His assessment: Plantar Fasciitis. He wants me to try orthotics for my shoes. Yuck.

I've heard a lot about running with orthotics and most if it isn't encouraging.

So I am going to stop running for a short while. I may start again but for now, I am an ex-runner.

Why do I run anyway?.

When I was younger, it was to escape screaming babies and give me freedom in a restrictive environment. I planned my runs so they would not interfere with Mo's schedule. She could sleep while ran.

It also got me out in the fresh air and allowed me to think.

It was a time of meditation. Eventually I discovered God in the pages of my journal and the miles of my journey.

The longer my runs became, the more able I was to listen to that vast, small voice.

Recently I ran an excersize that was just over one km. Although the distance was short, I still heard that small voice. Yup, still with me. So a short run can be meditative too!

I guess in the Long Run, a Short Run may be just as therapeutic.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Go with the Flow

I am flowing water.

I fall from the sky in a fine mist, noticed on the face and hands. I collect into puddles and nurture seedlings. In time I collect into streams that meander through thick brush.

Unknown to me, ancient trees drink of me and say a silent thanks.

More flow and I develop into a river. Confined by the banks of propriety, I am none the less a strong force; to be reckoned with.

Small children play at my banks and are delighted and cherished.

I cross the plains in no particular hurry, knowing that my steady progress is assured.

I reach the precipice. Fear grips me. I draw together and try to shrink from the edge! Then I become the waterfall for a brief moment. Dizzy, spinning, released, joyous. Free, in my glory, fully alive.

Crash, into the pond I go in a blaze of foamy excitement. Collecting myself into pools I rest, then press on with relentless (breathless) unhurried placidness. Perhaps rapids next?

Composed as an exercise at The Wall by Tim Rosborough

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What’s in a name

I miss-typed my own blog’s URL and got this one. Interesting pictures, but no recent posts. This little number gave me a giggle. I thought, hey, those could be state lotto numbers!

Now I just need to be in a State...

And beleive in lottos...

And buy a ticket...

And get lucky!

Nah too much work.