Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Mostly Quiet.

6.8 Km, 34:00.2, Overcast 1°C, 5 km wind

Partly Cloudy, Relatively Calm, Mostly Quiet. My spirit collects in small dark oily pools. Calm, quiet, but not particularly clear. The dog barking in the distance; every bus in the city seems to be in Millwoods. My repeating sounds; Breath, plodding feet. My non-stop thoughts; work, home tasks, church concerns, kid concerns...

I am striving for a quiet, calm, clear spirit, but even at 6:30 the world cannot be entirely shut out.

Then the thought of the day comes (as it often does, near the end). Since the PBGs insist on free will (horrors!) and expect decisions (!) they must also proscribe actions. Independent, creative, "because I think it is important", actions. When deciding on actions I must keep Suggestions I, II & III in mind.

To have it any other way would not do. PBGs do not lead children through the forest with trails of M & Ms to ginger bread houses. Nor do they guide reluctant donkeys with carrots on sticks. They do not intend to walk with your bloated ego floating above them on a string like a bizarre balloon.

We are all the hands of the PBGs. They work with us, through us and for us. My mind and creativity are just as much at their disposal as my hands and my heart.

One more thought to record: "I am On Official PBG Business". A motto for any People of the PBGs that I may meet or inspire.

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