Friday, October 25, 2002

Thoughts - Freshly Squeezed

6.8 Km, 37:05.9, Dark 0°C, 6 km wind

My mind is crowded with thoughts; not much room for the PBGs. They don't seem to mind. They are very patient.

Work, ferrets, relationships all jostling for a turn at the thought center of my brain.

Consequently, it was only at the end of my run that the PBGs managed to squeeze a thought in: "Even when it seems like We are far away, we are right there with you."

It echoes a scene from the ferret book: Baxter has just discovered that even though he is a ferret fairy, he also has a guardian angel who is watching over him. He sees his angel briefly and is startled when it disappears. The angel says: "don't worry, I'm not gone." I didn't despair this morning, but it is still nice to know that I won't have to.

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