Saturday, October 19, 2002

Suggestion 4 (1)

Garbage CanThe fact that you cannot perceive all of the PBGs Plan does not preclude you from being a part of it. Right or wrong, your actions make the Plan unfold.

The PBGs have no hands of their own. They control the world through their Suggestions. But they have a much better way of changing the world: US. Since we have free will, we can choose not to listen to the carefully planned schedule of the PBGs. It is my assertion, however, that even that is built into the Plan. If the PBGs started creation and then sat back to see how things would unfold, the wouldn't need to be involved in our daily lives. Free will and an involved god implies that THE PLAN must be constantly adjusted and monitored in order to keep it on track. So every time a person makes a "Wrong" choice, the Plan must be altered to take that into account.

Or perhaps the plan is set up to work for either choice. More likely, with a caring, loving present god, the Plan is structured so that many trivial choices are used to practice for the really pivotal choices in our lives.

Then again, how should I know how the gods have structured the world... I am only a runner, not a PBG.