Thursday, October 24, 2002

Air Ferrets Aloft

No run today

Just because I take a day off, doesn't mean that the PBGs do. Mo & the kids have been reading "Air Ferrets aloft" by Richard Bach. It has been a very long time since Mr. Bach came to call in our lives.

This book is very much, about the PBG conversations I have been having

  • Suggestions from a moderately high power; flying ferret fairies can only suggest!
  • coincidences from on high to follow the "Path" or higher right
  • gifts of seeing things as they already are
  • destiny mixed with free will

Very interesting coincidence that this book would come to my attention when it did. Apparently it was brought to Mo's attention by her atheist father! Guess what the current book in the series is about? A writer ferret having trouble with his muse! (I just had to buy a copy for you Mo!)

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