Monday, October 28, 2002

Suggestion 4 (2)

The PBGs will help you reveal the part of the Plan inside your heart, but it is up to you to decide to act on it.

The PBGs are sneaky and relentless! So much happened on this run that I hardly know where to start. First there was the pursuit of the runner in the green coat. I saw him 4 times on this run. I get the feeling that he figures in my part of the Plan somehow.

Then there was the commitment I made today to share my talents and start a boys group at church. The PBGs admonished me for wanting Them to lay it all out for me. They suggested that it is me that has to make the decisions. Choose the outlet. Perform the duties. Get On With it Buddy! So I did.

I got the ball rolling. It was the easiest thing I ever did. Everyone I talked to about it at church was very supportive. Even eager. You could almost hear the pegs clicking into place. As if all everyone was waiting for was my acceptance of the task.

Needless to say, I am scared. Deep down, I know I can handle it. I do feel like I have jumped in the deep end though. Everyone except me seems to be confident in my abilities.

...And then there was the symbols I found on my run. Purple feather, just like I had imagined. When I took a closer look, it turned out to be a pen with a big downy feather.

Then there was the cheeky way the PBGs pulled me off the running path with bottles as rewards just to tell me to remember Suggestion #1.  "Tim, keep a humble heart," They seemed to say.

Then to top it all off, They delivered Aslan the lion himself to me. I am sure that "he" will come in handy for many things in my boys' group.

Now I know the PBGs have a Thesaurus and ample vocabulary to communicate with me.

I almost forgot the man in the green jacket. I've seen him before on other runs. At the start of my run, I saw a can. Rather than carry it the entire way, I left it there to pick up at the end of my run. I commented to the PBGs "I wonder what significance this will have at the end of my run." Later, when I saw the man, I wanted to ask him why he only ran on the paths, never next to the roads. I caught up to him at one point but held back, fearing his reaction. He turned off just before I overtook him. "Opportunities come and if you wait, they fade away. They may come again, but they won't be the same twice."

I saw and greeted the man in green just as I went to get that pop can. Guess what, he lives across the street!

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