Saturday, October 12, 2002

Quiet Running

6.8 Km, 37:23.3, Sunny -4 °C, wind chill -9 °C. Ice & snow, clear

Quiet. Too Quiet. The PBGs seem to be taking a holiday. More likely they are off somewhere else planning and scheming something I am not directly a part of.

Me? I was not a particularly attentive student anyway. Maybe I was not hearing the Sermon today because I was busy listening to the griping of my sore shoulder, the burning in my calves & thighs, aching knee and off balance posture.

So for most of my run I was content with the actuality of the PBGs' silence or my own reluctance to really listen.

The revelation came, (as so often happens, when you start to get tired or bored or both) near the end of my run.

"Hey there! There is no need to push," they said. Pushing in life, as in running, just wears a body down and decreases your overall endurance. Save your breath!

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