Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Our Fearless Leader

You may not know this (how on earth would they know, you haven't blogged in months) but over the summer I have been a run leader for RTS's half marathon clinic. My 2hr 1/2 marathon group was a small, tight knit group. After running in the Kelowna 1/2, we have continued to run together. We have become good friends and enjoy our time together.

When I am not running with the Running Room bunch, I am running with Neal and "Ginny". Neal is recovering from a recent injury and as a result, our runs together have been slow (~9 min/mile) and short (4 miles).

So between these two running groups, I am not doing much running with just the PBGs.

That doesn't mean that life isn't complicated or challenging, though.

My new job is challenging. It would be easier if my bosses just told me what they wanted me to do and then let me spend my time wallowing in details. But no,... they want me to take the lead. They want me to Design and Plan and Direct and Decide!

I have a suspicion, however, that it isn't just my bosses who want me to lead. I feel the delicate influence of the PBGs.

  • They first got me doing rotations in church school
  • Then the big call to lead the boys' group
  • Then a stint helping with church Stewardship and all the phoning (shudder) that required
  • Next, 1/2 marathon clinic run leader

Do you know what my Running Room group likes to call me?

Our Fearless Leader. With all the work I have done recently on the leader part, now all that's left is to work on the fearless part.