Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Off to work I go

Well, I finally landed a job. I will be working as a programmer using a programming 'language' called LabView for an electronics company that makes sensing equipment. This job will be using real-time programming in a language I don't have any experience in, so I feel lucky to have landed it.

It is also an interesting company that seems to be doing quite well. It has a very good recent track record.

I guess my Parachute book pegged it right. After 4 1/2 months of looking for suitable work using the internet job boards, I finally got my job... through a friend.

So if you are waiting for a great job opportunity to be posted on Monster or some other internet job board, that is JUST right for you, remember that thousands of other people will see that opportunity too and potential employers will have to wade through 1000s of resumes to find that pearl in all the yucky oysters.

If you are that pearl, that's great, but take it from this clam, networking is much more fruitful.