Friday, November 17, 2006

Boy to Man

My boy is growing up. We came to visit Grandma tonight for dinner tonight. We talked at dinner about the discussions Mo and I have been having on, teenage attitudes and growing up.

After dinner, Grandma asked my son how people reacted to his getting his long hair cut short. He thought it was awesome how the teachers didn't even know who he was when he walked into their classes.

Then Grandma offered to let him try my Dad's old electric razor to shave off the fuzz on his lip. He has always been resistant when *I* ask him about shaving. Well, this time, he thought he would try it.

AND HE DID. He doesn't realize it yet, but he has just joined the shaving male world. In my case, I shaved out of desperation so people would stop teasing me. Then I found that the faster I shaved it off, the faster it grew back!! Before I knew it I had a full beard.

I am clean shaven now, but I had a beard for a lot of years.

We'll make a man out of that boy yet.

He'll be moving out soon, I shouldn't wonder. "Can I have his room?"