Friday, October 11, 2002

Supposition a)

A small coincidence can have a large meaning and a large coincidence can have no meaning; it all depends on your frame of mind.

For me, the PBGs use "coincidences" for much of the conversations we have together. What I am thinking often meshes with what they have arranged to place in my path and, one would suppose, what I am thinking about. This is only a Supposition (I am inclined to think this is their word, from their thesaurus) because it only supports the other more important Suggestions.

I tried to introduce a Covenant with the PBGs today. Right off the bat, Covenant seemed too strong and definite a term for the PBGs. I asked them to inspire me with a better name, but even though they seemed to have a thesaurus, they weren't talking. The covenant I was trying to get them to agree to was that I would run along, thinking my thoughts, and anything they thought was important, they would mark with the appearance of a can or something.

The trickster of the pair, taunted me with a wayward rabbit. "I know you haven't chosen this path; follow me!" said the rabbit (Jack, the PBGs' pet rabbit)

The other of the pair, complied vaguely by providing two cans for the thought of documenting the "10 Suggestions".

In the end I will just have to be satisfied that they will do what they want, when they want. After all, it is their show, and I am but a bit player. I can only act (or choose not to act) out the role I have chosen in the manner that is most comfortable to me at this moment.

PBGs, I am listening, and questing. I hope you (and I) find myself worthy of the challenges you have planned.