Sunday, December 14, 2003

Baptism day

Today was the "big day". Today was the day I publicly made my commitment to my congregation and to God to follow Jesus (Hard still to even type that name. I hope you will allow me the eccentricity of using place holders like the PBGs or just God). I make this commitment for the sake of the community I want to feel a part of; their well being is now my well being. I make this commitment to myself so that "with god as my helper" I will become all that I can (am meant to be). I also, dear reader, make the same commitment to you.

I woke up calm and relaxed. Mo will tell you, I was also in a silly mood. Old habit; when things get serious, I react by "lightening" the mood. I volunteered to be a Greeter with Jackie and we had wonderful time welcoming people to the church. Many of my good friend where present, even though my intention to be baptized was a closely guarded secret. Church was pretty usual until my son and two friends did an announcement skit for a church sleepover in January. They dressed up like Harry Potter, Ron and Hermiony. My son wore a black wig, round glasses frames and a face-paint scar. Mo wrote the script. It was great.

The second unusual thing was me up at the front getting baptized. My kids were asked to pour the water into the font for the ceremony. Then it was time to get down on my knees and be baptized. The minister sprinkled the water on my forehead. He said some words about the significance of the ceremony. Then he called up my 'family members' and he and they placed their hands on my head. I was surprised to see that Marnie and my mentor, Ken also came up along with Mo and my kids. That was a pleasant surprise. It is a pitty that Jackie also didn't feel comfortable enough to come up as well.

After the Baptisms were over, we weren't through yet. Val and I, as well as another lady, still needed to be confirmed. The confirmation was the part were we had to affirm our faith and agree to live a Christian life.

Then after that, there were two more people, Mo being one of them, that were moving their memberships from one United Church congregation to another.

After all the ceremonies had be done, we went back to the normal routine.

After the service I invited some people out for a celebration lunch at Tim Hortens.

Someone asked me if I felt any different. I had to admit that I didn't feel anything new. My feet still touch the ground. No halo appeared over my head. Marnie says the miracle happened long before I stood in front of that congregation. I think she is probably right.

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