Saturday, December 13, 2003

Rescue Mission - there will be a test

No run today

I went on a rescue mission today. Hardly a damsel, though she had reason to be distressed. You see, last week her husband ran out on her. She has a low paying part-time job. Her apartment costs too much so she is moving from a small city 1 1/2 hrs south of here to live with her parents.

That is where I come in. Her parents go to my church and a couple of weeks ago I offered to help out with any lifting they needed around their house (the gentleman of the house recently had a heart attack). Who did they think about calling to help with the move? Yours truly.

My brother-in-law often says No good deed goes unpunished. Today I wondered if he was right. The gentleman didn't have a visa, so the van had to go on my card instead. I spent about 4 hrs driving the moving van. The gentleman had no idea where the damsel lived or worked. For the most part she was surely and negative. The woman has ash trays in her ash trays. I can still smell the smoke in my clothes. She gave us loading directions while her daughter's boyfriend and I did all the lifting and packed the van.

It's a test. I'm being tested already. One simple act of faith, and here I am being tested. Well, I still enjoyed my day. I wouldn't want to live in her life for even one day. But I was still good natured, pleasant, helpful and kind. Hey, it is in my nature. I helped lighten her load. I think I even saw her smile once. She certainly didn't deserve another kick from a complete stranger.

Oh, and BTW, tomorrow I am getting baptized and Confirmed as a member of the United Church of Canada. My wife, Mo is so happy. I am just nervous. I think I am past being scared about it. I feel pretty calm about it, actually.

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