Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Pop bottle of Intent

5.5 Km, 28:00, Clear, -7°C, 9 km wind

Well, today was my first run since the Big B. at church. I ran with Mo and we saw a rabbit. We decided her name was Jill as opposed to Jack, who is my rabbit. After her 20 minutes, I got down to my own 'meditative' run.

I got to thinking about the failure of my Go-cart project with the Boy's Group and other things that are not 'going according to plan'. The inabilities I have are a part of me. But that doesn't mean I can slump down on the road and wait for someone to rescue me. My Go-cart project failed through my unwillingness to plan and act. Through procrastination and fear, I let it fail. It would have been nice if the PBGs would have made it all happen effortlessly. Like they did with Aslan the lion. But even in that case, it was me that decided what actions were necessary. I am the one who brings him to every Boy's Group meeting. I protect him from the boys rough handling.

It is all a matter of intent.

My whole spiritual inspiration was started by one pop bottle. Its value is insignificant taken by itself. I now take that bottle and tithe it to the PBGs as a token of my commitment to Them and my intention to live a life in Jesus (still hard to type).

It is like the bottle I carried for TS in the Marathon. The bottle itself isn't nearly as important as the message it carries to the recipient. The effort expended is what matters as does the love and caring implied by that effort. I have an over-supply of caring in my heart. I intend to share it with those who will allow it.

Some of you who are saying to yourselves, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." That may be so, but without intention, there is no direction. Without direction any action is futile. Undirected action or uncaring inaction are both aspects of evil. So the road to hell is also paved with futile undirected action and uncaring sloth. Intention is a starting point and a moral compass. Action comes from within and direction comes from without (if you are listening carefully)

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