Sunday, November 10, 2002

Have Oil, Will Travel

5.5 Km, 24:00.0, Partly cloudy -10°C, wind chill -18°C

The minister's sermon today seems to cover a lot of what I've been writing about in this journal lately. It was from Matthew 13:?? about 10 brides-maids and how they needed to have the oil supply in their lamps topped up and the wicks trimmed. Prepare yourself for the coming of Jesus.

In PBG terms: prepare yourself, for opportunities to be a part of the Plan will not wait for you!

It's funny, I was just thinking on my run that I need to do some research. The PBGs wouldn't provide inspiration; the minister was interested but not forthcoming; the intern minister was swamped (80 e-mails over the past two weeks). Then out of the blue, a new lady talked to me about church demographics and my new boys group. She directed me to Noah's Arc and Paul's letters. I'm skeptical, but I'll take a peek.

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