Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Time Heals All?

6.8 Km, 34:41.0, Scattered showers 11 °C, 15 km wind

I spent some time looking for journalizers closer to my own age. Their language was more mature and the content was less self centered than the teens I read yesterday (they seem to realize that other people have feelings). The older journalizers, however, were still struggling with loneliness and depression.

This certainly doesn't seem to be the outlet I was hoping it would be. I doubt I am going to get any "Community" from the journals I find on EasyJournal.

Back in the real world, I met an old church friend on the bus today. I hardly recognized her. She is divorced from her abusive husband and fighting for custody of her 3 children. I am not entirely sure that she would be a better single mother to these kids than the father and his new partner are.

The world is full of hurting and broken people. Sigh.

Journalizer - Someone who keeps a personal or financial journal. I looked it up on dictionary.com

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