Saturday, September 13, 2003

Whose God is it Anyway?

6 Km, 30:10.0, Sunny, 5°C, 7 km wind

Mo & I ran together again today; I am so proud of her (OK, so maybe I am hoping she will read this and I'll get brownie points). She has progressed to running 4 min. and walking 1 min. Yeah Mo! You can do it! (Neal says, "Time to move up to 5:1's")

While Mo was with me, she was trying to interpret what the PBGs were saying. "Whoa there!... isn't that my job? That isn't how I would interpret what was said at all...", I said.

I guess I don't want to lose control of my gods.

On reflection, however, it makes sense that they talk differently to her than they do to me. She has read my journal right from the very beginning and has seen the concept developing since I collected the first pop can. But she is on a Different Path and is engaged in an entirely different Conversation.

No wonder they speak differently to her.

More about controlling the PBGs tomorrow...

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