Monday, September 08, 2003

Easy Community?

No run, Cloudy 13 °C

Still ruminating on the Conversation of the weekend. I have spent some time looking at other journals on Most that I have found are written by young teens struggling with depression, school, boy/girl friend trouble, addiction and, most frequently, loneliness. It is really quite sad. A web log allows you to communicate with the entire world, but, realistically, very few people will read, consider and respond positively to your heart-felt musings.

I feel that I want to help them in some way, but I also feel that it is not my place to point out the 'error of their ways'. It would probably be pointless. "The do-gooders do more harm than good." I've sent out a couple of simple messages, but haven't received any messages myself.

Okay, Guys, I hear you whispering back there; "Don't push the Plan", That doesn't preclude me from worrying and feeling frustrated!

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