Saturday, September 06, 2003

On The Path (I think)

19 Km,1:50:08, Partly Cloudy, 13 ?C, calm

PBGs, please forgive your humble devotee. You spoke to me with such insistence this weekend, but I just couldn't decipher what your message meant.

I am sure that this material merits a Suggestion or at least a Supposition, but I just can't boil it down to one general phrase;maybe You could break it down a bit for your lowly servant?

I had a longer than usual run on this Saturday morning. Mo ran with me for the first 20 minutes and we discussed my worries about my new online journal. It seems to me that what it has to say is at odds with the other types of "Blogs" on the internet. Does my "conversation" have any merit? Will it be useful to the regular online readership? I told Mo I would take my concerns to the PBGs and see what they had to say.

As I said, Their comments were profound but also confounding. They warned about distraction. Or maybe it was the comment, "Sure, distract yourself for a bit, the true direction change will come after this little side trip". Perhaps I miss read the signs all-together.

Then there was the park bench with the bag half full of collected bottles and cans. I found it in the middle of a deserted park. My assumption is that it was collected by some poor homeless person. Why they left it behind (and some mens' clothing as well) is a mystery to me (and will probably stay that way too). On a whim, I added the bottles and cans I had already collected into the bag. I don't know if my action was participation in a mini miracle for a street person, annoyed an overworked city cleanup worker or whether my "contribution" will simply be tossed in the nearby garbage bin. Only the PBGs know for sure what part this act plays in the Plan.

Next, the PBGs, through various course corrections and distractions, brought me to a community playground that was under construction. The park was well off my chosen path and it was surprising that I had arrived there at all. It turned out that the community work crew was short 5 people and behind schedule. They wanted to get the site ready for pouring concrete that was coming in a couple of hours.

To make a long story short, I volunteered to help out and worked from 12:30 to 8:00! I am an Agent of the PBGs. Where they lead, I follow (... sometimes, eh Jack?)

After I had a quick shower, Mo & I went to the church movie night. The movie they showed was "Thirteen Conversations About One Thing". Wow! Does that movie ever dove-tail into my weekend conversation! It is a bout how interconnected our lives are and how small actions of one person can have dramatic effect on another person. Hello? Sound familiar? Agents of the PBGs unite!

BTW... I even did a search on the internet to read the reactions of other people to the movie. I found more interesting hits to the search string "Thirteen Conversations About the Same Thing". Sometimes a miss-quoted string gives you 'better' hits because it side-steps the corporate analysis and mainstream reviews. It also takes you to the dough-head pages of people who are too careless to quote it properly. Alas.

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