Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Back To School

11 Km, 56:48.6, Partly cloudy, 11 °C, 4 Km wind.

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids. Since my son is in grade 7 this year, he was especially nervous about going back to school.

As it happens, Hunter, who is the boy I taught how to make a snowman last year (see Suggestion #2) stopped me this morning. He remembered me from last year and wanted to talk to me! We had a short chat about his first day at school. He was worried and confessed that had cried the night before.

I told him that my own son was going into grade 7 and that he needed a hug too. Hunter seemed very glad to hear that. Today, I chanced to see Hunter again and his first day was great. He was no longer concerned about school and seemed to think it was fun.

I keep telling the PBGs that I want some connection with the people I see on my running route (perhaps I have that wrong; maybe it is Them encouraging me to connect with them). Well it is starting to happen.

I am now a fixture. Someone to confide in.

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