Thursday, September 11, 2003

A Dream for Hunter

8.81 Km, 44:09.1, Light showers 12°C, 10 km wind

I had another brief chat with Hunter today. He keeps showing up on his porch just as I go by. It is almost like he is waiting for me to come along.

Today he was concerned about a bad dream he had last night. He told me that in his dream, a drunk from across the street came and picked him up, hurting him. He described the man as having a black shirt with a red dragon on the front.

Interested, I asked him to draw me a picture of the man and to post it in his front window where I would see it the next time I went by. I told him I was interested in seeing what his black shirted man looked like.

So, Hunter is OOPBGB today. He has his sword drawn and will chase down his fears. He will draw a box around his evil dream and confine it to the 2D world of paper and crayon.

Go forth valiant young knight, be afraid no more!

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