Monday, September 01, 2003

PBGs Summary

Summary of Suggestions and Suppositions to-date
Here is a quick summary of the "Inducements" ("commandments" is simply too strong a word for the PBGs). For a full explanation of what these inducements meant to me at the time I was given them, follow the links.
  • Suggestion 1: It's not about fee for service.
  • Suggestion 2: It's not about what you get (from the world), it's about what you add.
  • Suggestion 3: It may seem like you're being tested, but rest assured, the PBGs are not keeping score.
  • Suggestion 4 (1): The fact that you cannot perceive all of the PBGs' Plan does not preclude you from being a part of it. Right or wrong, your actions make the Plan unfold.
  • Suggestion 4 (2): The PBGs will help you reveal the part of the Plan inside your heart, but it is up to you to decide to act on it.
  • Suggestion 5: It is better by far to do something in Love, than it is to simply do something.
  • Suggestion 6: Humor. It is a gift from the gods. Use it wisely.
  • Suggestion 7: What's important is not what others think of you, but what you think is Right.
And Here are the Suppositions so far:
  • Supposition a): A small coincidence can have a large meaning and a large coincidence can have no meaning; it all depends on your frame of mind.
  • Supposition b): How things Seem and how they Are often differ. Which is more important depends on the observer.
  • Supposition c): Life is a Journey. Even the distractions laid in your path are part of the Journey. It may seem like the distractions pull you away from "The One True Path" but that is a lie. Your path is what you choose it to be.
  • Supposition d): It is just as productive to try to predict the plan as it is to try to push it.
You may have noticed that there are two Suggestions numbered 4. When I wrote them into my running journal, I didn't notice this error in numbering. When I discovered it later on, the numbering seemed appropriate because both Suggestions are essentially the same. So I have left it that way. The PBGs truly work in mysterious (and, I think, wonderful) ways.

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