Thursday, September 11, 2003

Suggestion 6

Humor. It is a gift from the gods. Use it wisely.
Apparently, the sixth Suggestion is NOT about pushing the Plan as foretold by some lowly prophet. It has to do with breaking the ice with strangers. There is nothing as good as humor for breaking through someone's reserve; to catch them unawares. It is most successful when it is something undeniably true, positive in nature and just a tiny bit silly.

But wisdom is also required when using humor. One must use careful timing. One must be responsive to the mood of the target. One must be cautious about seeming to be laughing at the person instead of the much more desirable laughter with the person.

EDIT:Got any other ideas on how humor is a gift from the gods?

Drop me a note about it and I'll include it here

  • Mo: Posted 9.17.2003 11:47 AM - my special someone. Like fire, humor can warm the soul or burn the fingers and takes lots of practice. I follow that ancient clown, Jesus, who talked of being non-judgmental and kind but having goofy stories to make a point (anyone tried sewing with a camel stuck in their needle recently???).
  • MissFlibberty: Posted 9.18.2003 5:15 PM Some of the best humour can be found in normal, everyday events and occurrences - and all of our every day things are gifts from God! In finding humour in these everyday happenings we are recognizing God in all things- maybe helps stop us from taking them for granted.
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