Thursday, September 04, 2003

Be Consistent

8.8 Km,48:25.21, Hazy, 13 °C, 11 km wind

The message for today, while comforting, does not seem, to me, to be a Suggestion or Supposition.

The PBGs say "Count on Us to have the consistency of a sunrise and the Love of a Rose."

Our conversation was fixated on consistency & spontaneity/impulsiveness (my (?) fault, probably). The PBGs reminded me that it is not They that are inconsistent forces in the world. On the contrary! It is us, the hands of the PBGs, that are at the root of most inconsistent behavior. If we didn't have free will, we would be more like a rose and bloom at the appointed time and die with the chill winds of fall.

Instead, we long for things we can't reasonably expect to have, strive for things beyond our grasp, and toil endlessly for things we do not exactly need.

Don't get me wrong, our free will is as much a blessing as a curse. We are the builders of a new world. The future is in our hands. We also have the ability to be the destroyers of the world.

I believe that is why the PBGs gave us free will. And also why it is imperative that all our actions be actions of heart-felt Love and thought-full reflection.

One more thought from the PBGs (I know, it has also been written down in some other popular Book):

"To thine own self be true"

Here is someone who seems to know the flip side of being consistent. Randomness, the internet and the PBGs brought me to his site. I sent a message of encouragement to him. I like to call it blog tag.

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