Friday, July 08, 2005

Wandering Soul

Well, I was on Official PBG Business tonight. Mo and I were returning home in the car when a little boy by a bus stop caught my eye. He was only about three years old and was wandering around with only a diaper, a T-shirt and sandals on. It wasn't his appearance that really caught my eye; it was how he looked right at me and gave me a tiny wave.

In that split second, I knew there was something wrong.

I turned the car around and went back and, sure enough, he was blocks away from home and was searching for his mother.

He was old enough to talk but I had difficulty getting any solid answers from him. As luck would have it, Mo was able to flag down a passing police car to assist us. As if one lost boy wasn't enough, there were two, unrelated and younger boys, at the same time and location, also looking for their mother. Three lost boys.

We managed to find both mothers, and the police officers gave them (we hope) a stern talking to. I can't imagine letting my kids wander away like that.

Seems like another example of how we can listen with our hearts to Gods small voice and be ready for action. Susan over at Sisters puts it well. Love is about action as much as it is about "I love you"

I am the hands of the PBGs and OOPBGB!

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