Friday, January 23, 2004

New Phase

I am beginning to think that it is time to retire the PBGs. They have served me well in the past, but now I am a bit more comfortable with saying 'God' I don't really need my own personal pair of gods.

That said, my own brand of gods have brought me a long way. I am so glad I was able to formulate my own understanding of the 'More' than physical referred to by Marcus Borg in his book "The Heart of Christianity". Having my own grounding in what I believe makes it much easier to evaluate what others have written about what one should believe.

It is very surprising to find that many of the ideas related to me by the PBGs (I can't really take the credit for the ideas, can I?) are very similar to the ideas I am now reading about in Borg's books. His writing makes being a Christian much more palatable for me.

On the other hand, I can see how his viewpoint is like stirring up a hornets nest in the 'earlier paradigm' crowd. I can hardly wait until my book study group starts discussing the chapter on Jesus.

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