Monday, November 10, 2003

See a drunkard in the rain

I found this quote in someone else's journal:

"The weather was an apologetic drunkard who kept spilling rain at inopportune places, and then trying to say how sorry it was for the accident. The weather isn't due to sober up for a couple more days, so I imagine it'll have a substantial backlog of shame to work off once it gains a more or less clear head."

I can certainly picture the drunkard stumbling apologetically about, barely in control of his actions.

Should I aspire to this kind of writing? Should I stick to my own brand of prose?

Hey, how about another link while we are at it. This one is a marathoner who is also a cartoonist. I guess not all marathon runners are free-loaders like me. Some use their talents to do people some good.

It is a pity that Steve didn't finish documenting his marathon training. I noticed that the page was last updated July 2002 and stops at week 11. He is using that same program the I am and I think it is 19 weeks.

Apparently he finished, but the journal didn't.

Doesn't Steve look a LOT like me?


Steve <======> Me

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