Saturday, September 11, 2004

On the Soap Box

Well, I have been AFK (for my non-chat savvy friends, Away From Keyboard) for some time now.

But I have a good excuse. Well, not for being AWOL (for the non military, Absent WithOut Leave) from my blog (perhaps that should be Absent From Blog or just Abandoned By Blogger) it isn't that good an excuse. But it will explain some of my absence.

I have been out in my garage with my 13 year old son making a Soap Box Derby racer. Our City is having a Centennial celebration this year and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues hosted a Derby. I started building the car pretty late and, therefore, had to spend a lot of time in the garage cursing and many more hours haunting the local hardware stores. Pretty much all my free time has gone into either running a marathon or building a racer lately.

Today was race day and my whole family was pumped. I won't go into all the details here (unless some one asks :-) ) but we had a great day of racing. We won the first 3 of our heats and could have won the 4th if we didn't go off course and hit a pylon or two. Oh well. Our racer worked pretty well but I did have to make a few fix-ups during the race. Susan asked me to post pictures, and I promise I will, but I have to get the developed first (for the techies, that means I go to a store, pay money, wait 1 1/2 hrs, and THEN scan the pictures into my computer! No digital camera here in the Canadian wastes.) I can't wait to see what people captured of the race.

Oh, and I owe you a Marathon race report as well.

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