Monday, September 16, 2002

Suggestion 1

It's not about fee for service.
This Suggestion, because it was the first, took a long time to formulate in my consciousness. It is, I think, (so far) the most important tenant of the PBGs. I began to understand this Suggestion when they [the PBGs] provided cans on days I didn't clean up my 'alley' or chose a different path than the one they suggested. For me, this Suggestion means that following the PBGs does not lead to monitory gain or spiritual doggie biscuits. Return on investment is not part of the contract. The flip side of this Suggestion is that if you choose the way of the PBGs, you can be guaranteed that your participation is part of the grand scheme and will be beneficial to someone, somewhere, sometime in the big PBGs' time-frame. No promises, just a guarantee!

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