Wednesday, September 18, 2002

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From Mo:
Posted 12.14.2003 3:37 PM Damsels in distress
Sometimes the single act of a rescue which doesn't seem to have any redeaming qualities to it at the time may be that wink from a stranger that becomes a sign that there is a bigger picture than what we see. Who knew that my friendly smile in church to someone I don't feel comfortable with all the time would lead in a small way to that person getting baptised? In some ways I think it would be better not to know how a small action can ripple into something larger. That you could get a woman to smile at all in the midst of an angry, tragic change may be the angel in you reaching out to comfort her when she needed it most.
Red Faced Squirrel replies
Oh, I agree completely. I thought it was nice of the PBGs to arrange that she be there for my baptism too. She seemed even grumpier yesterday. But, my helping her out may have touched her on a deeper level and who knows how long that 'infection' will 'fester' in her heart. It is my job to be me and do what I do and let go and let God after that point. I have to focus on what is my job and let others take care of there own lives. I have decided that I am a servant of God and that I must do what is in my God madate (from either his Calls (can I have an unlisted number please) or from my own feelings of 'right-ness') for every decision that is presented to me by life. If the call is to go to Red Deer to help out a friend, I go to Red Deer (if Mo lets me to of course). In short, you gotta be true to who you are. Period. Oh, and listen for that small God voice. That is important too.
Posted 9.29.2003 5:13 PM Messy stories
I really like where you're going here, a proactive approach that has to ride out the storms and find happiness where it can. I hope to read more soon!
Posted 9.17.2003 11:47 AM Humor
Like fire, humor can warm the soul or burn the fingers and takes lots of practise. I follow that ancient clown, Jesus, who talked of being non-judgemental and kind but having goofy stories to make a point (anyone tried sewing with a camel stuck in their needle recently???).
Posted 9.17.2003 11:45 AM Playing around, are you???
What on earth is Noahidism? or Jainism? Is that like silly things that Jane of Jungle says? I'm glad that you're not into that youngest of femme fatale's, Miss Atheism. She really is quite young, only about 3 or 400 (if that). It's okay to play the field for a bit and we can learn so much from them all (ask me about Gnosticism some time).
Posted 9.4.2003 11:12 AM Spiritual doggy biscuits
But, I want some doggy biscuits! I'll be a good puppy too, and never miss the newspaper. I guess the PBGs' love is to treat me with more respect than that. I'm not a dog, I'm a partner and bribing implicates imbalance.
From Twisted Squirrel (TS):
Posted 12.16.2003 11:43 AM Inspiration
I think you may have missed your calling, or maybe you are on the path. Perhaps one day you will discover that people will look to you to minister in an official capacity. I admire the fact that you always look for the good in people and situations. A quote that I liked and recorded goes something like this "Perhaps it is not the goal but the journey we should appreciate." Take care my good friend.
Posted 10.07.2003 10:44 AM To: wazzoo Advice
You are each other's strength. Give your daughter what strength you can spare and both of you will be stronger for it. The night is darkest before the dawn. If what you need is an ear, I will listen. Kia Kaha

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