Monday, May 21, 2007

Look for the beauty

Since my most recent Marathon in November, I haven't been running very much. Mo suggested that I get out there and talk to the PBGs'.

It is a big, scary, dangerous world out there. Everywhere I looked, there was garbage strewn around. I asked the PBGs' why the world was in such a mess. Mute as usual, except for the briefest comment, "Look for the beauty, be the beauty".

There will always be vomit to encounter. But if you look closely, three are flowers to see, bird songs to hear and laughing children.

But you have to look closely.


Anonymous said...

Once you can see the beauty in the vomit and litter, then you will be enlightened. It is all about your expectations of the world that cause you to see that which doesn't seem beautiful.

Tim R said...

Too true. It is all in the seeing and in the listening. My perception of the world colours what is there to perceive. Thank you for your comment.