Friday, May 28, 2004

Word Fails Me

Ron Shank and I are making progress of sorts. We have taken our discussion about things religious off the public stage into email and chat.

Ron and I are surprisingly similar. There are, however, things that we strongly believe that differ. Here is a brief summary.

Bible is InfallibleYesNo
Bible is ValuableYesYes
homosexuality is an AbominationYesNo†
There's more to Christianity than being a Good PersonYesYes
Promiscuous behavior can be physically harmfulYes‡Yes
Promiscuous behavior is a Mortal SinYesYes
Homosexuals should be allowed to MarryNoYes*
Marriage would 'Save' HomosexualsNoYes


I haven't passed this table before Ron yet, but I think I have captured his intentions in the table. If he disagrees, or wants other qualifiers, I will update this post.
†  God and the Bible would seem to disagree with me on this point.
‡  perhaps Ron would say that unrepentant promiscuity is always dangerous to your salvation
*  I do not think marriage must be supported by churches; I would be satisfied by a secular service that had some legal weight. If they wish to profess their commitment to God, that is up to them, naturally.

Ron and I have yet to discuss Salvation. I suspect that my beliefs as listed above preclude me from Salvation. Then again, it has been pointed out that I am an idolater, thief, adulterer, liar and a murder.

I probably wasn't going to Heaven anyway.

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